Our Story Begins …

Duke Hudson and his group of archaeologist’s find them selves trapped in a Mayan Temple by the dreaded Mishaan tribe that have been controlled by the Nazi force in the area.

Her Von Kilantare has activated the mechanism that will soon crush Duke and his party to pieces in the ancient Mayan temple. Duke in desperation punches the wall in anger at being trapped, in doing so activates a Portal that seems to lead to a jungle clearing.

Our intrepid heroes jump at the chance to escape the certain death trap, unbeknown this was a mystical portal which transported across time and space to a temple on Psidonia.

After escaping from Queen Anathraxa’s Handmaidens, dodging her ships the party are now looking for a way home from a place that they have come to know as “The Stream”.

Slipstream - 7 Coins of Destiny

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